How Embedded Web Browser works?

Since version 2.3.4, JetForcer is shipped with embedded Web Browser support. It is based on integration with JCEF, which is a Java port of the CEF framework for embedding Chromium-based browsers in applications using Swing (like IntelliJ IDEA). This allows developers to use web browsing functionality right in the IDE without needing to switch between browser and code editor.
For example you can:

  • create new Salesforce metadata;
  • preview Visualforce pages or Lightning Components;

Interract with Salesforce Organization in IDE

Select "Salesforce -> Show '<active_account> ' Organization in IDE"

Show Organization in IDE
Show Organization in IDE

Organization will be opened in the dedicated editor tab.

Show Metadata sources in Salesforce Classic

If you want to open a particular file state in the Salesforce Classic, just invoke the context menu right in the editor or from Project View and choose Show in Salesforce Classic action.

Show Metadata sources in Lightning

For opening file in the Lightning theme choose Show in Salesforce Lightning action.


Here is a very concise overview of Embedded Web Browser features, just to give you a quick start. To submit feature requests or just report bugs, use the plugin’s issue tracker.

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